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My name is Darlene Lund and I have been trained both as a teacher, and as a social worker. I have had the privilege over my life span to work with remarkable individuals and families. It is a privilege to come into someone’s world ,and to know their most intimate thoughts and feelings.Unfortunately, when a personal crisis happened in my life, I felt too embarrassed to ask for help. What would people say? Would there be support? Would people treat me differently? After a lot of internal pain, and loss ,I finally surrendered, I waved my white flag, I needed help. In 2013 I was diagnosed with complex Post traumatic stress disorder.I knew the signs ,and symptoms, and I knew where to go to get help, I just needed the courage, to ask for help. I suffered alone , until the pain was unbearable, then I reached out for help, and there was a hand there to help me up. They were friendly, non-judgmental , and they listened with their heart. Why did I not ask for help sooner? The thing that kept me back from asking for help was stigma.A result of my experiences was the inspiration to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. To help me do this, I created Friendly the S.P.U.D.,( Supporting People’s Unique Differences.)


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